promotional campaigns

We will promote anything you want. We will do it efficiently and within the budget.

sampling campaigns

By giving the opportunity to interact with the product, you make it easier for potential customers to make a positive purchase decision. Even a micro sample of the product makes the customer feel gifted and more willing to buy.

Organizacja akcji promocyjnych w Krakowie
event promocyjny, promocja

product presentations and launch

In the era of a relatively short product life cycle, the moment of its entry into the market is the most important. A proper idea will rule the world. A good idea and perfect implementation are also a game changer for commercial presentations.

event marketing

Promotion through events is the most effective form of marketing because it evokes strong emotions in recipients. Emotions create a bond with the brand and make it emerge from the sea of competition. Event marketing activities can take surprising forms. Check what we can offer you!

event promocyjny, promocja, gwiazda na evencie